Unlearning Everyday Racism: Five Tools in Five Days

Unlearning Everyday Racism: Five Tools in Five Days

If you have been inspired and motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement and have been grabbing every book you can find about racism but are having a hard time taking the learning from the page to your real life, if you are someone who wants to live your life according to your values but find yourself afraid of making mistakes, concerned about causing more harm, wanting more confidence and clarity this 5 day experience will provide you with new tools.

I want to help and support your efforts!

Join me for a Unlearning Everyday Racism: 5 Tools in 5 Days that will support you in creating positive habits that will make a real difference in your anti-racism journey.

Sign up and join a group of white people who are serious about changing their beliefs, thinking and behaviors in ways that make anti-racist work sustainable for a lifetime.

About the Course

The mini course offers daily practices, guidance, and inspiration. You'll learn:

  • How to recognize and recover from white fragility

  • How to use self-compassion as one of the most powerful tools in your anti-racism journey

  • How to uncover your purpose (your "why") and how to use it to keep your learning momentum

  • How to take action against racism by figuring out your next step so that you can stay focused on the work that will make the biggest difference 

  • How to choose what to read and how to take your learning from the page and into actions

  • How to get more comfortable talking about race 
  • And more!

6 Sections

Day One: How to Use Self-Compassion as a Powerful Tool in Your Anti-Racism Journey


Welcome to Day One: How to Use Self-Compassion as a Powerful Tool in Your Anti-Racism Journey!

  • Compassion isn't weak or enabling
  • Compassion supports learning and accountability
  • Compassion for ourselves supports our resilience so that we can do this difficult work for the long haul.

You will find here a short video and a short article about compassion. In the lesson you will find an activity to help you find compassion for yourself along with a short video walking you through the activity.
There are questions for you to answer and please feel free to ask me questions in your answers if you have questions.
Ok, get started exploring how to use self-compassion as a powerful tool in your anti-racism journey!

Day Two: How to Recognize and Recover From White Fragility

Day Three: How to Take Action Against Racism by Figuring Out Your Next Step So That You Stay Focused on the Work That Makes the Most Difference

Day Four: How to Get More Comfortable Talking About Race

Day Five: How to Uncover Your Purpose (Your "Why") and How to Use it to Keep Your Learning Momentum

Self Care and Community

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