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6 Week Unlearning Everyday Racism Class

6 Week Unlearning Everyday Racism Class

Are you a white person who has done a lot of reading about racism, attended trainings that never seemed to move beyond the basics and are aware of your own racism but don’t know how or where to consistently take what you have learned and put it into practice in your everyday life?

Ready to take the next step, go deeper, create more structure, support, and accountability in your anti-racism work?

Looking for a way to build community with white people who learn and practice together, not just theory but real application to our real lives where we make appreciable changes in our racism?

The Unlearning Everyday Racism 6-week course is open for registration now.  This class is a chance for a small group of white people to build community and deeply explore our own everyday racism.

What past participants have found most helpful:

“Oh man, so much. The whiteness cards and the safe space to bring my insecurities and questions”

“Spending time in white caucus where I could ask questions and feel safe saying the wrong thing and without leaning on the emotional labor of POC”

“Being able to hear others’ stories that are similar to mine and feeling like I’m not doing this work alone, and that I have support when I’m feeling lost”

“I love the whiteness cards. I think they are succinct and helpful, and great at condensing the main points. they are great reminders and really capture the essence of what we are talking about”

 “Hearing each of your experiences was incredibly validating. My week has been rough to get through mentally, so hearing from all of you has given me a renewed spirit. You revive my energy to keep going with doing the work, while also giving me space for my feelings and process. Thank you so much.

“I really appreciate your sweetness, gentleness and non-judgement”

“I have been reading so much but needed to take my understandings beyond the page”

“I needed help getting out of my head and really getting to where racism lives inside my thinking and feelings”


Each class is very small, enrollment is first come first served. Classes are offered as they fit with the rest of my work, I don’t have another scheduled class after this one at this time.

The investment: Time investment is 6 weekly group meetings, Two 30 minute one on one sessions and the whiteness card homework between each meeting.Cost is $275

I am planning on early July for a start date, as soon as registration is full, I will send you a survey to find the best dates and times for our meetings.

8 Modules

Getting Ready for Week One

Welcome to the Unlearning Everyday Racism 6 week series! I am so excited to work with you. This is going to be a wonderful 6 weeks.

Please take a some time over the next few days to:

  • schedule your 30 minute one on one with me
  • fill out the pre-course survey
  • review the 5 steps guide (just a quick scan)
  • make sure you have Zoom on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Practice Zoom if you need to (it is far better to have everyone on video but don't worry about your setting, one person was in her bed for every class and that worked fine!)



July 27th Class #1 Homework For Next Week: Exploring White Superiority

August 24th Class #3 Homework for Next Week: Talking to POC

Aug 31st Class #4 Homework For Next Week: Mistakes and Self Care

September 7th Class #5 Homework For Next Week: Our Role in White Spaces

September 14th Last Class (tentative reschedule)

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