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Free Tools and Resources

Free tools and resources to support you on your anti-racism journey. Activities (the most current Whiteness Card activity), a free 5 day workshop, a popular podcast and more information about me are here. Click to learn more!

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Fall 2019 6 Week Unlearning Everyday Racism Class

A small group of white people meet once a week, online via video, with practical homework in between meetings. Homework is “whiteness cards” that are derived from years of advice and direction to white people from people of color. The whiteness cards focus on one aspect of whiteness and offer an experiment or exploration to dig into where that aspect lives in each of us.

Each student will meet one on one with me before the class begins and at the end of the class, for 30 minutes that will help us focus each student’s learning and next steps.

At the end of the class you will have learned how to build supportive white community, chosen a specific area of focus for your own work and identified your next steps, deepened your understanding of your own everyday racism and explored whiteness themes like paternalism, objectivity, white silence and more.

The Class starts November 5th.

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1:1 consultations including  follow-ups for past clients, single coaching sessions or multiple-session packages

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For Organizations: A Sample Hub for Equity Projects

This is an example of an organizational hub. I create these for each organization I work with.

"Leadership Team agendas and notes along with other materials of interest. How to schedule one on one coaching and support sessions with me are here."

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Monthly Membership

Who is it for?

Membership is for white people looking for one place to go every month for new ideas, new practical activities, and some structure and support for their anti-racism work. If you have done some work on your own racism and are looking for ways to keep moving forward, this membership is for you!

What do you get?

Each month has a focus or a topic that we will explore in several different ways.

1. Every two weeks you receive 2 new Whiteness Cards. Each card describes an activity for you to do that is designed to support your real life progress in unlearning everyday racism.

2. You have the option to discuss your progress and thoughts as you use the Whiteness Card throughout the next two weeks with others in the membership, to just chat with me or to keep your work to yourself, whatever keeps you motivated and feeling supported.

3. Two podcasts based on the month's topic are included every other week. 

4. An article delving deeper into the month's topics including ideas and resources, quotes from new and old books, articles, speakers that  I can't fit into the podcast or the Whiteness Cards. 

Membership is $15 month and includes a discussion option with other members and access to me for sharing, questions and discussion.

I am a real person over here and my goal is to put together resources that truly support your anti-racism work so your ideas and requests are always welcome and I work to include requested topics or activities as soon as I can put them together.

And while this is a monthly membership at $15/month, you can cancel at any time. No contract.

Why should you join?

It can be hard to keep up the sustained practice required to truly heal from whiteness and become a strong anti-racist white person.

The Whiteness Cards are monthly activities I create from the very best past and present research, books, articles, blogs, podcasts and trainings.  

Each month there are a variety of ways to focus on and dig to the roots of one concept or idea that will make a real difference in your ability to talk to other white people about race, be more able to learn from and be present with people of color, to focus on race in your workplace and your personal life, and to free yourself from many of the fears and worries that get in the way of sustainable action-focused anti-racism work.


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