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Free tools and resources I have created to support you on your anti-racism journey. Activities, workshops, podcasts and more about me are here. Click to learn more!

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Monthly Membership: Sustained Support and Encouragement


Who is it for?

Membership is for white people looking for some structure and support for their anti-racism work. If you have done some work on your own racism and are looking for ways to keep moving forward, this membership is for you!

What do you get?

Every two weeks you receive 2 new Whiteness Cards. Each card describes an activity designed to support your real life progress in unlearning everyday racism.

Membership is $15 month and includes a discussion option with other members and access to me for questions and discussion.

And while this is a monthly membership at $15/month, you can cancel at any time. No contract.

Why should you join?

It can be hard to keep up the sustained practice required to truly heal from whiteness and become a strong anti-racist white person. The Whiteness Cards are monthly activities I create from the very best past and present research, books, articles, blogs, podcasts and trainings.


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8 Week Unlearning Everyday Racism for Workgroups

This 8 week course is for workgroups and leadership groups within organizations who want to build racial literacy individually and as a group 


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