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For many white people, our biggest fear is to be called racist. I use the word racism because using it has freed me, has created more energy for the actual work of unlearning the behaviors and thinking that cause harm. You can find resources here for:

  • Talking to other white people about race
  • Using goals and frameworks for stepping up and maintaining sustainable action
  • Understanding whiteness and how we are benefiting from it and suffering under it
  • Building community for support and accountability


White Objectivity Whiteness Card #7

1 Lessons

The most recent Whiteness Card: an exploration and activity for unlearning some specific aspect of racism. There are options for discussion with others exploring the card and an opportunity to chat with me

One Thing People of Color Wish White People Would Stop Doing Free Guide

1 Lessons

This free guide describes an actionable process for white people to use to work on racism and to talk to other white people about racism.

Podcast: Talking to Your Racist Relatives

1 Lessons

20ish minute podcast episode answering a listener question about talking to her relatives over the holidays

Softening the Heart: A 5 day Journey to Unlearning White Fragility

5 Lessons

This started as a 5 day online challenge. It includes 5 short lessons toward loosening and lessening white fragility. Softening the Heart: A 5 day Journey to Unlearning White Fragility

More about me

1 Lessons

A little more about what I do, why I do it and my experience and educational background