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First Meeting Agenda


1. Providing additional structure for the course.
2. Accountability. Community powers goal setting and achievement. We all learn from each other’s stories. This will be the place to come when you are having trouble or need a little boost.
3. Friendship. This course is a very short 6 weeks. My dream is to create little cohorts of white people that stay connected and supportive of each other over time.
4. Learning. I will post extra content in here, little bits of learning or suggestions. This is a place for you to share articles, trainings, events, ideas, whatever might help the rest of us learn.
5. Getting unstuck. We will have our regular weekly meetings, but this is a place that is available to you all week, make this group a place you come for help, hope ideas and some love when you need it.
6. During this 6 week course you have unlimited access to me. This is the best place to contact me, tag me here and I will get back to you soon. I don’t look at my email or messaging nearly as often as I will be checking here.
7. Using this group to talk to me and each other, even when the topic might seem personal or vulnerable, is what makes the community strong and allows us all to learn.