I am on hiatus for a while for health reasons. As soon as I have some energy again I plan to be back and active!

Welcome to Unlearning Everyday Racism!

My name is Kalissa Scopes, I'm here to help white people (including myself) get better at talking about race and taking action against racism. 

I believe that white people can unlearn and un-pick the fabric of racism in ourselves so that we can take action in the world with more love and skill and less ego and fear.

WELCOME! xoxo  Kalissa Scopes

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Unlearning Everyday Racism Community

I'm so excited to welcome you to our community hub.

This community is for us to share with and support each other, to learn and connect and encourage each other to stay accountable and in the lifelong effort to unlearn our everyday racism and find the freedom and purpose that comes with that

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