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Welcome to Unlearning Everyday Racism!

I help white people get better at talking about race and taking action against racism. 

I am committed to creating sustainable, effective, hope filled ways for white people to unlearn and undo the harms caused by racism.

I am glad you are here! Check out the free resources and come back often to see what is new.

xoxo  Kalissa Scopes

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6 Week Unlearning Everyday Racism Class

A small group of white people meet once a week, online via video, with practical homework in between meetings. 

At the end of the class you will have learned how to build supportive white community, chosen a specific area of focus for your own work and identified your next steps, deepened your understanding of your own everyday racism.

The next class starts the week of July 13th  2020

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  • Practical monthly tools and learning activities based on where you are now and what your next step should be
  • A safe place to privately learn and grow
  • A community of learners who support and care for each other 
  •  Personal support with love, encouragement from me
  • Open to new members Fall 2020
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