Welcome to some free resources, our membership and an occasional class focused on unlearning everyday racism. 

My name is Kalissa Scopes, My mission is to use humor, love, persistence and curiosity to deconstruct, dismantle and compost damaging beliefs and behaviors so that we can create fertile soil for healing and co-liberation. 

I believe we dismantle racism by taking purposeful steps toward transforming ourselves and our world.

Specifically I believe that white people can unlearn and un-pick the fabric of racism by working on our own and in compassionate community to take action in the world with more love and skill and less ego and fear.

Hit the button below for a free 15 minute consult if you are looking for coaching, a class for your group or organization, have a question, or don't see something that speaks to your specific need.

I look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo  Kalissa Scopes

Available Resources

A map for your anti-racist journey

The Progress Path is like a map. It lets you know where you are now on your anti-racist journey, see what you should be learning next, and shows you the steps that will get you there. 

Unlearning Everyday Racism: Five Tools in Five Days

A 5 day experience that will give you the tools to get started, get unstuck, keep growing, and get clear about your next steps on the anti-racist journey.

Schedule a Consultation with Me

Schedule 1 hour consultations with me for help with racial situations at home, at work or elsewhere.

Unlearning Everyday Racism Membership

  • A way to keep your commitment to ongoing progress on your anti-racism journey
  • Learning activities based on where you are now and where your learning edge is
  • A safe place to learn and grow
  •  Personal support with love, encouragement from me
My Resources Available Resources
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